Firmware upgrade method ☆

First of all, please confirm the “model name” and " OEM Code" you own by executing the program of " firmware version confirm" in " firmware" menu” provided by our homepage in order to confirm whether the firmware you want to upgrade is the same firmware or not.

In addition, as the PC is rebooted automatically again when the firmware upgrade is completed, you have to save necessary data and have to finish programs currently under execution.

  1. Download the attached Bin file (Firmware) and Tsdnwin file (Download program) into a folder (Desktop).

  2. Execute the downloaded Tsdnwin.exe and select the Drive to upgrade in the TSDNWIN execution window.

  3. While executing TSDNWIN, selectSearch inFirmware File.” Then find the Firmware (BIN file) to upgrade that had been stored on the desktop and select “Download File Open.”

  4. If preparation for the upgrade is completed, as shown in the diagram, and theDownloadbutton is selected, aWarning Message window will appear. If OK is checked, the firmware upgrade (Start Download) process will be carried out .


  5. . If the upgrade process is completed as shown in the figure below, aDownload Ok!! Restart WINDOWS message will appear. IfOK is selected, PC will reboot automatically and the upgrade process will be completed.


TSDNWIN.EXE program is the program that supports the downloads of    Samsung firmware in all Window Operation/Systems ( O/S environment).


Our firmware is different according to each customer in its contents and composition of hardware structure of firmware and if you upgrade the firmware for other customer, it may be a main cause of abnormal operation. Therefore, when you upgrade your firmware, you must confirm OEM Code that is confirmed in " firmware version confirm " program and be sure to upgrade with the firmware for the same customer.

Also, please be sure to use the program provided by us when you upgrade the firmware.

If you encounter problems with the products when you upgrade firmware, please try again and if the problems are not solved, please visit the service center to get inspection of the product.
Provided, products that are expired of warranty period are serviced with a charge and payment.